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About Me

My journey to become a healer began in my teenage years – finding creative ways to treat injuries I sustained from my skateboarding antics. The decision to become a professional wouldn’t blossom until my 30s, fueled by a 10-day stay in the hospital after collapsing my lung for the second time.


While recovering after my surgery, I was inspired by a voice in a dream that said, “When you get out of the hospital; go back to school and become a doctor.”


It took a couple years, but I eventually heeded this voice. Armed with a keen interest in Western/Bio Medicine; yet understanding that Western Medicine didn’t have all the answers, I searched for an integrative education that would blend the ancient healing world with modern allopathy.


I found the answer with the integrative and Traditional Chinese Medical program at Five Branches University. I went on to the Doctorate program at Five Branches as well, though I truly believe that my real education comes from my own research and from the thousands of patients I've treated over the years.

Education and Certifications

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Five Branches University 2010-2016

Completed the Masters and Doctorate Program.

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DunSan University Hospital 2012-2013

While at Five Branches I took a year to study in Korea.

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Zheijiang University Hospital 2014-2015

While at Five Branches I took a year to study in China.

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My Philosophy

There are many amazing tools that have been given to us from Western Medicine. This includes: orthopedic tests, anatomy and neurology. All these modalities inform my practice.


Where I see a shortcoming in Western Medicine is in its toolbox; which traditionally has been drugs and surgery. If your pain is neuropathic, I honestly believe, there is no better way to treat it than acupuncture.


If your pain is structural, then we’ll be able to assess that from our litany of orthopedic tests. If we do find something is more structural, then we’ll prescribe stretches, exercises, or refer you to a good chiropractor or orthopedic surgeon if that is what’s needed.


Most of the time acupuncture is all that’s needed to get you back into balance and out of pain. Acupuncture uses the vascular system and nervous system to completely alleviate pain. It’s noninvasive, safe and natural. In the near future it will not be considered “alternative medicine.”

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